SOFT Plus Trace Elements

What is SOFTphos, SOFTphos+C and SOFTphosT.E.C?

SOFTphos is a Carbon based fertiliser blend of Australian sourced natural phosphorus with Calcium and a complete range of minerals and trace elements. SOFTphos+C has added organic components such as certified organic biochar, compost and selected living beneficial biological organisms which are included to ensure the nutrients are available when the plant needs nutrition and to provide some protection against plant pathogens. The SOFTphosT.E.C. fertiliser range is made specifically for your crop to ensure that a high demand crop receives nutrients during the growth stage when nutrients are required.

How does SOFTphos+C work for soil and plants?

This blend is formulated to feed plants with a complete range of nutrients suited to specific crops. As a natural material, SOFTphos has a neutral pH value therefore has a beneficial effect on the soil, soil macro and microbiology and seed. Because of these qualities it can be placed near the planted or broadcast seed with no adverse effects to valuable seed rhizobia or soil pH. Young plants require access to phosphorus from an early age and as these plants gain access to the phosphorus in SOFTphos their feeder roots will be exposed to a fertiliser that will also assist to strengthen the immune defence system of a developing plant. Calcium is a natural component of SOFTphos, so lime coating of seed is not necessary, a reduced need for lime applications on acidic soil may be achieved after repeated applications.

The combination of properties in SOFTphos+C provides all the foundations responsible for building a healthy body of soil. This combination is the secret to success in the SOFTphos+C formulation, as a stable carbon source biochar initiates a magnetic attraction in the soil profile by binding soil particles, nutrients and plant available water as well as creating a habitat for soil microorganisms. Certified organic compost and biochar introduce organic matter and some beneficial microorganisms to mineralise nutrients for primary production. This food source serves as a catalyst for the digestion of plant nutrients, which is essentially a living material that can absorb its own weight in water for use by plant feeder roots and soil organisms. Minerals such as Calcium and phosphorus applied in conjunction with organic products are generally more available for plant consumption, this strategy together with a system that incorporates Sustainable Organic Farming Techniques aims to improve produce quality and value. Because the production of plants and animals is higher in a balanced environment, a consistent supply of variables such as temperature, oxygen, moisture and available nutrients is preferred. The application of SOFTphos+C aims to facilitate increased production, a stable soil environment and to be compatible with Integrated Nutrition Management programs.

Why should I use SOFTphos+C?

A combination of available fertilisers and slow release fertilisers ensures a plant receives nutrient on demand, this mineral balance together with the neutral pH of SOFTphos+C offers a biologically compatible product for organic farms, land managers with marginal soils, saline soils, areas with a high water table or growers who plant seed that is vulnerable to fertiliser burn. The effect of the low salt index of SOFTphos around the plant root zone allows the beneficial microbiology to consume and excrete a complete range of nutrients that encourage plant growth and supress disease. The health of organisms that consume the produce grown with the assistance SOFTphos+C greatly benefit from the natural balance of calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, carbon, silica and a suite of trace elements. Calcium phosphate is also the principal form of calcium found in bovine milk, while SOFTphos has similar chemical properties it is only recommended as a fertiliser but may be soon available as a supplementary animal health product.

The stable carbon component of this material is eligible to contribute to the value of carbon credits.

Where do I apply SOFTphos+C?

For Horticultural crops the most effective place to apply SOFTphos for plant production is around a plants root zone. Mix with a potting mix or soil when you are planting and inject or cultivate into the seedbed when planting field crops. In a broad acre situation Phosphorus is more immediately available when placed in a drill row, however still works very effectively when broadcast onto soils prior to planting crops or onto new or established pastures. Orchards, plantations and vineyards will achieve best results when SOFTphos is banded over the plants feeder roots which are usually located just inside the plant drip line. Generally, follow-up topdressings are effective when applied in subsequent autumns and springs however some high demand vine crops are best fertilised in small but frequent applications. The addition of Composted organic matter will contribute to the effectiveness of SOFTphos so this material may be applied with compost or mixed with a compost windrow during the final aeration procedure. This 'culturing' of compost microorganisms amongst the phosphorus rich media aims to effectively introduce the living organisms to the SOFTphos+C which can increase the volume of plant available nutrients.



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