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UPDATED: 16/04/2013

Product Name: SOFTphos+C Other
Product Names: SOFTphos; SOFTphosT.E.C.
Recommended use of the Material: Soil fertiliser Supplier's details:
Company: Mara Seeds Pty Ltd
Contact Person: Stuart Larsson
Address: 7696 Bruxner Highway, Mallanganee, NSW, Australia, 2469
Telephone Number: 02 66645145
Facsimile Number: 0266645222
Internet Web Site:

Emergency phone number: 000 for Medical or Fire; 131126 for poisons information service

2. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Not classified as hazardous according to the criteria of NOHSC.
Hazard Classification: Not a hazardous substance, not dangerous goods
Risk Phrases: Not Applicable
Safety Phrases: Not Applicable Product has no known adverse health effects. However, it is possible that it may cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to organic and mineral dusts or who have sensitive skins. Because the product may contain some fine powdered material, precautions against inhalation of dust are necessary.

Product Description: SOFTphos+C is presented as a pelletised, granular or fine textured fertiliser prepared by the blending of Apatite, mineral fertilisers, composted organic matter, biochar and select strain of micro-organisms. Texture will vary according to product from fine grained (<1mm) loamy sand texture mixed with coarse textured (>2 to 10mm) compost, biochar and mineral fertilisers. Pellets are 4mm width and up to 20mm length; Granules are (<4mm) irregular spheres. Colour is a light yellow to tan brown with a silver fleck mottled with black, yellow and white particles. Chemical Identity CAS Concentration Range Apatite, Not > 80% Trace Elements Not Applicable Not > 5% Minerals (Sulphur) Not Applicable Not > 20% Organic Matter (Compost, Biochar, Potash) Not > 40%

4. FIRST AID MEASURES If poisoning occurs, contact the Poisons Information Centre (Phone 131126). Obtain first aid and medical attention if irritation of any type occurs. Eye irritation must be treated by flushing eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes. Skin irritation must be treated by washing contaminated area with soap and water. Seek medical advice for inhaled or swallowed.

5. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES This product is non-flammable. Some organic matter particles may smoulder and emit smoke.
Suitable Extinguishing Media: Fire extinguishers: -- Carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam, water fog, powder. Water may be used to extinguish all components of this media.
Specific Hazards: Stand clear of smoke or dusts that are released from smouldering media. Fire fighting advice: Contact Fire Department. Operate fire extinguishers in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.
Hazchem Code: Not Hazardous

6. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Spilled material may be handled with loaders or hand held implements. Contaminated material may be disposed at an authorised waste management facility. Uncontaminated - low volume spillages may be applied at the recommended application rate to a suitably vegetated land area away from drainage zones or watercourses.

Precautions for Safe Handling: Handle a safe distance from dwellings, pedestrians, traffic, produce, food and livestock. Avoid application during periods of extreme weather such as flooding rain and windy events. Operators must wear Personal Protective Equipment as noted in section 8 of this Material Safety Data Sheet. Precautions for Safe Storage: Cover bulk loads with a tarpaulin or suitable waterproof cover. Store FIBC bulk bags in a dry area. Avoid exposing bags to prolonged periods in direct sunlight. Do not store bulk loads or FIBC bulk bags adjacent or in drainage zones or watercourses. Store material away from foodstuff.

National Exposure Standards: No exposure standards set
Biological Limit Values: May contain living biological microorganisms
Engineering Controls: Adequate ventilation required
Personal Protective Equipment: Always wear approved eye protection and a dust mask when handling this material. Overalls, gloves and covered footwear are recommended when loading, mixing or applying this product.

Appearance: Texture will vary according to products below:

Colour of material is a light yellow to tan brown with a silver fleck mottled with black, yellow and white particles. Bulk, belt spread material is a dense fine grained (<1mm) loamy sand texture mixed with coarse textured (>2 to 10mm) compost, biochar and mineral fertilisers. Pellets are 4mm width and up to 20mm length. Granules are (<4mm) irregular spheres. Moisture Content: Bulk <18%; Pellet <5% Density: 1.3 g/cmᶟ (uncompacted) Solubility in Water: Product is a mixture of mineral and organic substances. Some of the mineral is soluble in water, the majority of the minerals are not. The organic matter is not soluble in water.

Chemical Stability: Stable
Conditions to avoid: Not to be applied in drains and watercourses.
Incompatible materials: None known
Hazardous decomposition products: None known
Hazardous reactions: None known

Toxicological Data: No toxicological data is available. There are no substances of toxicological significance contained in this product.

Ecotoxicity: This product is not toxic. This product may be harmful in aquatic or marine environments.

13. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS This product may be disposed at an authorised waste management facility. Appropriate volumes may be applied onto a suitably vegetated land area away from drainage zones or watercourses. Refer to SOFTphos directions of use for a suitable application rate.

14. TRANSPORT INFORMATION Transport product in a vehicle that will sufficiently contain a free flowing product. No special transport conditions are required as this product is not classified a Dangerous Good under the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (A.D.G.).

15. REGULATORY INFORMATION The materials in this product are registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and complies with all the requirements of the legislation administered by that authority.

16. OTHER INFORMATION This MSDS is an overview at the date of issue about the chemical, physical and biological properties of this product, safety hazards of the material and general guidance on how to safely handle the material in the occupational and natural environment. As Mara Seeds Pty Ltd cannot anticipate or control the conditions under which the product may be used, each user must, prior to usage, attain application instructions from Mara Seeds or seek professional agronomic advise, acknowledge the duty of care that is required when attaining fertiliser products or complete nationally accredited training on how to best prevent, manage and control the potential risks arising from the use of this material before purchasing this product. When further technical information is required about the information in this Material Safety Data Sheet, please contact Mara Seeds Pty Ltd.


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