SOFTphos+C Recommendations

Rates of application of SOFTphos+C will depend on a number of factors including:

There are at least 16 elements required for healthy plant and animal growth. The best strategy for improving soil health and consequent plant and animal production is to:

  1. Undertake a reputable soil test that will identify any deficiencies and excesses.
  2. Use soil amendments and fertilisers which are life promoting and non harmful.
  3. Feed the biology which is essential for soil heath, recycling of nutrients and plant uptake. SOFTphos+C will help address these things. It is a slower release fertiliser where most of the elements will remain available for plants for many years and not be lost to the atmosphere or leached away.

Recommendations: It is recommended that soils which are of poor quality and have had a limited fertiliser history should be given 4-500kgs per hectare initially with a maintenance application in following years of 150-200kgs per hectare. Further Soil analysis will determine for how long maintenance applications should continue./

In addition to the important major plant nutrients provided in SOFTphos+C trace elements can be added if required.

It should be noted that higher application rates of this belt spread product will reduce spreading cost.


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