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SOFTphos+C Microorganisms

Microbes are arguably the most important consideration in managing the living soil. Maintaining microbe diversity, health and survival is extremely important. Soil microbes are responsible for the greater percentage of nutrient recycling within the soil and the addition of beneficial soil microbes in all cropping situations can have a strong impact on root development and an improvement of overall quality and yield.

During the production of SOFTphos+C, species of microorganisms are added. This includes Bacillus species known to solubilise phosphate from the insoluble phosphate pool in the soil. Azospirillum species which colonise the roots of grasses and convert nitrogen gas into plant available nitrogenous compounds and pseudomonas species which colonise the roots of plants to make compounds that promote plant growth.

In addition, the combing of soil bacteria and fungi will have differing impact on production depending on the crop type. For example Cereals, pulses and summer crops receive benefits from mycorrhizal fungi, which improves the plants ability to source nutrients (including phosphorus) from the soil. The bacterium in the soil improves the conversion of nitrogen and other nutrients from organic matter. Trichoderma will reduce the level of non-beneficial fungal spores and help to reduce the impact on the crop.

High quality compost and Biochar included in SOFTphos+C production, provides the home for microbiology prior to applying to crops and pastures.

Soil microbes, included in SOFTphos+C, will work together to improve nutrient availability to plants and ultimately improved production.


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